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Your Secret Weapon Against Career Eating Robots and AI Automation
by Ric Riccobono - Esq. Director
Career Professional's Defense Against Robotic Automation
Overdramatic: Maybe - Science Fiction: No - Realistic: Yes - Probability: Imminent!

That sums up the reality of the age of Automation and AI (Artificial Intelligence), and it's fast becoming an 'Imminent Reality'. You've been hearing a lot about it recently, but have you really 'thought a lot about it?' Let's start this off by giving you some research data from a recent study from Oxford University researchers. The conclusion in their study regarding Robotics and Automation was that 47% of ALL total U.S. jobs could be automated by the year 2033. Another study from Boston Consulting Group stated 10 percent of manufacturing tasks that are currently be done by machines are also projected to rise to about 25 percent of such 'automatable' tasks by 2025.

The opposing view is that we have to take into consideration whether the ability to analyze is within most forms of technology. While routine jobs such as assembly lines in automobile plants and redundant jobs in general may be at high risk, our programs hardly fit into that category. You will learn to combine creativity and innovation to develop new ideas to share with social interaction in the work place which will provide you with a bullet proof career.

And don't forget, as we covered in our recent Articles, with us you won't accumulate a huge Student Loan Debt,. So get the education to a quick and stable career that will be debt free provide you with a Career not replaceable by Robots. That's why THORNHILL and LAVC want you to have our Secret Weapon at your disposal.

According to another advanced and in-depth report from a Charity organization, Nesta Publications, 21% of U.S. Employment Career Opportunities, requires individuals to be 'Highly Creative'. This is something THORNHILL and LAVC have been preparing you for during the last several years.

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Written In collaboration with Bob Schott

Actor-Producer-Director- Writer with over 28 Years in the Entertainment Industry
Who's Who in America and the World 2006-2016
Honorary Member:  American Association for the Advancement of Science

AI's 'Achilles' Heal!'
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Breaking it all Down

Let's break this Secret Weapon for Advanced Career Defense into its lowest common denominator. First, no matter how advanced, how automated, how intellectual these Robots and Automation tools become, they are limited by one significant factor, 'creativity'. Whatever creativity Robots can have - is limited by that of the programmer(s).

Thus, the pre-programming aspect of 'Existing Information'.

CREATIVITY is your 'Secret Career Defense Weapon',
and the very foundation of individuality. This is supported by the Nesta study which stated that machines can most successfully emulate humans when a problem is well specified in advance. The report clearly showed that Robotic Automation will have a struggle when job tasks are largely interpretive, geared at Products whose final form has not been fully specified in advance and in complex work environments.

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In short you need a Strategy for protecting your value and one of the key strategies is to be CREATIVE.

Read our Articles and Advanced Career Tips, as well as our Promo Videos. They're there to make you think, make you think 'Creatively' and to show you avenues and career development tools.

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In Summary
We know that Robotics and Advancements are rapidly becoming a reality, but you would be less scared and more confident if you have a stronger defense for your Career.

Robots can rust, be smart and don't let your career do the same.

With us, you have a stable CAREER - not a Job!

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