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by Ric Riccobono, Director

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Increasing College Debt Levels

As a college student you and your family are fully aware of the enormous burden you’re facing for college debt through traditional universities. Then only to find out how difficult it is to land a high enough paying job to pay re-pay the educational debt.

Here are some startling facts on the matter:

Cost of college tuition has now exceeded inflation

Growing Student Loan Debt

The growing national student loan debt tally is now at an all-time high - $1.33 trillion, not billion, but Trillion. According to the Department of Education. As reported by Fox Business News, many Millennials say they would go to extreme lengths to wipe their financial slate clean. It was discovered rather shockingly, that College Students facing enormous school loan debt that were surveyed revealed that 50% of Millennials would even give up their right to vote to get student loans erased. It's that bad.

Another Survey from Credible, a personal finance website, also revealed that 50% of all respondents (ages 18-34) said they would give up their right to vote during the next two presidential elections if they could never have to make another loan payment again. Other extreme sacrifices revealed in the survey included a willingness to ditch ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft (44%) and giving up travel outside of the country for five years (42%) to have student loans forgiven.

Other studies reveal that students taking the normal four year college program will never financially catch up to the student taking the vocational path such as Paralegal.So what does all this mean? Simply put, it's a very concerning factor associated with obtaining an education sufficient enough to provide a career opportunity. THORNHILL's LFC and LAVC have partnered to provide a real 'affordable' solution to this college debt mess. Nowhere else can you find the opportunity for such a promising career path than the short programed Legal and Medical Assisting Career.

Easy Finance Plans - Bonus Programs
Our financing plans which everyone qualifies for, and our bonus programs boost your job market potentials and, if inclined, actual ability to start your own business.
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And now, have affordable Homestay Accommodations right near the LAVC Campus that's far more personable than a crowded dormitory.

Attend from Anywhere - Student Housing
International students can now attend LAVC

If you've seen the Legal and Medical Assisting Career Programs Available now at LAVC and wondered how you can avoid that debt cesspool but feel you live too far away to attend, well not anymore. Thanks to LAVC's new Homestay student housing resource that brings you closer to your new career, you can now afford to come here from anywhere in California, the U.S. or anywhere in the world!

LAVC's new Homestay Student Campus 'style' opportunity opens up the doors for career minded students from anywhere in the world to take full advantage of the Unique 7 month low cost Career Courses directly on campus at LAVC in Valley Glen.
comforatable affordable student housing at LAVC

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Now - Attend LAVC No Matter Where You Live!
Special Courses - Valuable Bonuses

If you have not read through the many valuable FREE in depth advanced career tip unique articles we provide here at LFC you need to do so now and you will see what others already have found, that the career courses here at LAVC provide an exceptional opportunity that you just won't find anywhere else.

Graduate with a Fantastic Career as a Paralegal, a Human Resources Assistant, a Medical Assistant, etc. with bonus courses that all have fast programs to graduation. There are even LDA and aPHR programs that you simply won't find anywhere.

(Watch the New LAVC Low Course Cost Video Promo)

Prior to the Homestay Student program you had to live nearby in order to benefit from the powerful low cost WASC accredited courses from LAVC. But NOW, you can affordably turn this fantastic opportunity into a reality with the affordable Student Family style Homestay.

Don't be a part of that 1.3 Trillion dollar debt, you'll just end up working for years and years to break even. Now you can graduate from the LAVC career opportunity in lightning fast time and you'll be Earning, Excelling and Enjoying while others will have years left in school, Paying and Stressing and not having any real direction when they get out.

Take a few minutes and check out each of the following and you'll be glad that you did.

The LAVC Career Power Package
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PL WASC Accredited
LDA Bonus Course - Allows you go start your own Document Processing Business
HR WASC Accredited
aPHR - Advance your Career Income opportunity
Med Assist - Admin and Clinical

EZ Payment Plan - Everyone Qualifies –And it’s a LOW cost - Newly reduced course COST Details!

Homestay Housing - Affordable family environment student housing minutes from LAVC

So what are you waiting for? It's your career stop wasting time!
New Homestay Housing for Paralegal Students

With Graduations in less time than ever before. Now also we've added a Brand New Bonus, through a special arrangement from the Director of the Highly Acclaimed Legal Field and Medical courses, Ric Riccobono.

And Now... HOUSING: Check Out Homestay Prices on their website:

LAVC Student housing homestay plan
USH Homestays are staff-inspected and hosts' background carefully checked and focused on you from the first phone call or email, through the entire homestay. In fact after a few weeks you'll probably be considering this as your 'Home Away from Home!'

USH has many Options starting as low as $787 on a 4 week basis, and more!

Student Housing through USH for your Career Courses at LAVC!
Graduate with a high paying career opportunity

Call Your Friendly LAVC student representative today for details of the New Legal and Medical Assisting Career Lower Course Costs!

Get a CAREER Going TODAY in PL, HR and Medical Assisting for Pennies on a Dollar! $$

*Note: USH Homestay/Housing arrangments are made directly through USH and are monitored and made separately from LAVC Course Classes.

LAVC's Accredited Programs has students and graduates from all over Southern California


You Won't Find Accredited Career Course BONUS Opportunities Anywhere but at LAVC!

Highly Suggested Reading:

For those of you jumping into the Paralegal Career Field that haven't already read one of our previous Articles you might find Paralegals vs Legal Document Assistant - LDA one to take a look at now since it is fresh in your mind. Note: At the time we wrote the PL vs LDA article the New LDA Bonus course offered at LAVC was not yet available, so you'll now see the great benefit of this career 'add-on' bonus. Also Check out the Full LDA Course Details, Summary and Very Affordable Cost!

Check it all out and Sign-up Today, because as expected, the course has limited seating!
Call or Register for Your New PL - HR - Medical Assisting and Bonus LDA and aPHR Course of your choice at LAVC...
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...and now with Affordable Student Housing Resources from USH!

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