Affordable NEW Student Housing Program at LAVC
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Affordable Student homestay housing plan'GREAT NEWS!'
Now Announcing NEW Student Housing!
Don’t let housing stop you from coming to LAVC!

Memo from Ric Riccobono, the Director of the LAVC Extensions Program: Paralegal, Human Resource and Medical Assisting

Affordable Student Housing - Homestay Arrangement
USH Provides Affordable Student Housing and Homestays serving Accredited Schools in California - Florida - Arizona

Los Angeles Valley College has to be made more available to more students with Student Housing! Mr. Riccobono believes that getting an Education should be simple. Now, with an arrangement with USH (Universal Student Housing) we make your education and housing situation seamless. It’s so easy! Watch this Short Introductory USH Video and start making your Plans to Register at LAVC Today!

That's right, you won't have to stay in a stuffy dorm with a group anymore.

LAVC now brings you a complete Turn-key Career with available accommodations through USH for a FRACTION of the cost!
Affordable student campus living homestay plan

Ask Yourself these Questions:

Would you like to find a school where you could graduate for around $11,000 (including room and board)?

Would you like to Graduate in ONLY 7 months with a Fully WASC Accredited Certificate?

Would you like to have a really Easy Payment Plan you could afford?

Would you like to have NO STUDENT DEBT?

Would you like to start earning money fast?

- Well, You've Found Your School -

For Housing Only call 310.824.4908...
or Click the USH Banner and APPLY for Housing Today!

LAVC Student housing homestay plan

LAVC's Accredited Programs has students and graduates from all over Southern California

Now You Can Attend LAVC No Matter Where You Live! 

Special Courses and Housing Arrangment Plans

Now, thanks to a special arrangement with USH, you can actually affordably and conveniently attend LAVC

Forget where you live - we’ve solved that issue!
Forget Student Debt - we’ve solved that issue!

Add all that to an Even Greater Course Discount

(Watch the New LAVC Low Course Cost Video Promo)

LAVC now offers the Paralegal, Human Resource and Medical Assisting Fully Accredited Courses at great discounts (You won’t believe it!)
New Homestay Housing for Paralegal Students

With Graduations in less time than ever before. Now also we've added a Brand New Bonus, through a special arrangement from the Director of the Highly Acclaimed Legal Field and Medical courses, Ric Riccobono.

And Now... HOUSING: Check Out Homestay Prices on their website:

LAVC Student housing homestay plan
You’ll see that USH Homestays are staff-inspected and hosts' background carefully checked. USH's attention will be focused on you from the first phone call or email, through the entire homestay. In fact after a few weeks you'll probably be considering this as your 'Home Away from Home!'

USH has many Options starting as low as $787 on a 4 week basis, and more!

Student Housing through USH for your Career Courses at LAVC!

Affordable - Flexible (short-term and long-term stay with last-minute scheduling is available) Convenient: (locate Homestays for you that are usually only minutes away from LAVC). All Housing arrangements and payments are made directly through USH with guidance throughout your stay.

Get a CAREER Going TODAY in PL, HR and Medical Assisting for Pennies on a Dollar! $$
Medical Assisting and legal career course housing
*Note: USH Homestay/Housing arrangments are made directly through USH and are monitored and made separately from LAVC Course Classes.


You Won't Find Accredited Career Course BONUS Opportunities Anywhere but at LAVC!

Highly Suggested Reading:

For those of you jumping into the Paralegal Career Field that haven't already read one of our previous Articles you might find Paralegals vs Legal Document Assistant - LDA one to take a look at now since it is fresh in your mind. Note: At the time we wrote the PL vs LDA article the New LDA Bonus course offered at LAVC was not yet available, so you'll now see the great benefit of this career 'add-on' bonus. Also Check out the Full LDA Course Details, Summary and Very Affordable Cost!

Check it all out and Sign-up Today, because as expected, the course has limited seating!
Call or Register for Your New PL - HR - Medical Assisting and Bonus LDA and aPHR Course of your choice at LAVC...
call legal field careers for exciting new legal college courses from

...and now with Affordable Student Housing Resources from USH!

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